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Central Bank of Iraq declared rise in USD sales in its auction

On its Saturday auction, the Central Bank of Iraq has announced increase in dollar sales against the Iraqi dinars. The increase has been estimated or calculated with respect to the last auction, which was carried out by the Central Bank of Iraq on last week’s Thursday.
In a statement, CBI has announced,”During the auction session of Saturday, the CBI sold USD (152,487,000) at a price of (1166) with the participation of (20) banks.” The statement further added, ”The price of the US Dollar cash sale reached (1179) including the commission deducted by the CBI while the price of bank transfers reached (1171).”
The CBI will continue selling USD in return to (1166) Iraqi dinar along with same commission, as per the concluding part of the statement unveiled. Statistics revealed, “The USD sales of the CBI revealed selling USD (5,275,645,000) during September which is an increase comparing to USD sales during August where it reached (4,563,000,751).”
Updated 14 Oct 2013 | Soruce: Iraqi News | By S.Seal
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