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Finance committee member in Iraq urged for supporting the stability of Iraqi dinars

Finance committee member in Iraq urged for supporting the stability of Iraqi dinars
The member of the Finance Committee, MP of the Kurdistan Alliance, Dlair Qadir called the Central Bank of the need to facilitate the procedures for the sale of hard currency for citizens and banking companies to support the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S. dollar.
He opined that the central bank of Iraq should fulfill the pending demands for setting up a mechanism that will facilitate the sale of hard currency, whether in the auction or Windows sales in the banks in order to satisfy local market demand for the dollar. He also added that the process of selling dollars will support the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate because it will ensure the delivery of the dollar to target groups of companies and citizens and businessmen, it must be Work in this direction, indicating that the tightening will make the local currency low against international currencies, as happened during the past few months.
Central Bank of Iraq has to come up with robust planning in order to stop the fluctuations of Iraqi dinars against the US dollars. All eyes are now on the future measures that will be taken by the Central Bank of Iraq, regarding the stability enhancement of Iraqi dinars.
Updated 28 Oct 2013 | Soruce: IKH News | By S.Seal
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