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Mobiles operators choose Mobile-Technologies Co. Ltd. for SIM management in Iraq

Mobile-Technologies Co. Ltd. provides telecom companies around the world with advanced solutions for customer registration and SIM life-cycle management. Of late one amongst such solutions was implemented by a mobile network service in Iraq.
Iraq bags the title of second largest oil reserve of the world, which is majorly depending upon its oil revenues for economical boom. The telecom industry in particular has experienced radical changes as the country emerges from a period of conflict and instability. Iraq advanced from having absolutely no mobile services early 2003, to having an even more competitive telecom industry than many of its neighbors today.
Presently, the country has around 80 percent mobile network penetration, which is anticipated to grow exponentially as the economic stability arrives within the country. As the number of mobile subscribers increases, it is becoming necessary and business critical for mobile operators in Iraq to implement efficient customer registration systems adhering to strict government regulations relative to SIM distribution.
Updated 07 Dec 2013 | Soruce: Zawya | By S.Seal
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