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Mobile substations to Iraq will be supplied by CG

Avantha Group Company CG has been awarded a contract by the Transmission General Directorate of Upper Euphrates Region of Iraq's Ministry of Electricity in order to design, construct and deliver 16 mobile substations.
Under the $25m contract, CG's Power Transformer factory in Hungary will supply 16 mobile substations comprising 31.5MVA transformers. Additionally, CG's Automation arm ZIV will provide control and protection equipment, as part of the contract.
The 16 mobile substations are scheduled to be delivered to Iraq before September 2015. CG will carry out integration and assembly work for the project at its facility in Belgium.
Avantha Group Company CG CEO and managing director, Laurent Demortier, said, "Combining our global technology, engineering expertise and strong local presence, we have positioned Iraq as a strategically important market, for a wide range of projects in electric power and other industries. We are pleased to continue supporting the country's growth and development."
The mobile substations suite will be deployed throughout Iraq for utilities and industries to provide interim grid connections and temporary power supplies.
Updated 27 Sep 2014 | Soruce: Utilities Network | By S.Seal
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